Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Secrets!


Were you guys able to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show yesterday? I always love the show — between the fashion, music, and fitspo, it’s perfect for me!

Like I’ve said before, I’m always working on my body to become a better model and all the Victoria’s Secret Angels last night gave me some serious body inspo! I had to look up a couple of lifestyle, health and workout tips on what to do this workout Wednesday just to make sure I stay on the right track with my fitness!

So Justin Gelband, who founded ModelFit (where a lot of the models train) and nutritionist Vanessa Packer shared some tips with Business Insider.

Don’t juice

“We’re not proponents of juicing, just juicing, but we do incorporate a juice into your daily experiences … having those green juices everyday in the morning after working out,” Packer said.

Eat breakfast

“Oatmeal is something we often recommend to the girls [the Victoria’s Secret models],” Packer said.

Skip sugar

“Sugar, obviously, we try to limit,” she said. “It’s crunch time [before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show], so you’re trying to eat the cleanest you can.”

Packer also doesn’t advise people to eat fast food, and suggests that peple learn to cook instead (although she’s eating at a restaurant can be “really fantastic.”) “It would be great if people could get more comfortable cooking for themselves not just eating out and eating quick,” she said.

You don’t have to eliminate carbs

“The no-carb rule isn’t totally true. “Some people digest carbs really easily others don’t,” she said. “I mean some people are like that [they can’t digest carbs].”

But Packer does not support restricting food unnecessarily. “I believe in balance. I believe in listening to your body and what your body wants. Being less restrictive, being understanding what your needs are and what you want, and what you’re craving, and not just, you know, eating for the sake of eating.”

Switch up your workouts

“Leading up to the show in particular, [the models] will do a mix — either they will start their week off with more cardio and then get into more of toning…then stretching.”

“Cardio isn’t an everyday thing,” she said. “We don’t promote the same thing everyday. It’s really doing different stuff, you know, doing cardio one day, then doing yoga or stretching the next.”

“It’s never good do to the same thing every day, you really do want to switch it up because that’s how your body changes. It needs to be challenged. [That] doesn’t mean challenged like, just being pushed to your brink, it means switching up your workout and challenging different muscle groups.”

Take time to rest

“There’s a lot of pressure associated with it [the fashion show] the girls work very, very hard — they eat well, they try to get sleep, you know, it’s a lot of pressure. One thing we always try to incorporate is rest as well as pushing yourself.”

Ultimately, “you need to rest because being your best can be quite exhausting.”

So that was the Business Insider article. And here’s what I found from Teen Vogue, who interviewed Doutzen Kroes’s and Adriana Lima’s trainer, Michael Olajide, Jr.

1.“Make your workout athletic emulation,” Michael says. “If you do what an athlete does, you’ll end up looking like one! Plus, it won’t be boring like weight-lifting or other monotonous activities, and the benefits are guaranteed.” His favorite Angel-approved technique? “Shadow boxing. It’s great! You can also do the conditioning a bor does, like jumping rope, ab work, and push ups to supplement your activity.” If you’re more of a lover than a fighter, Michael also approves of ballet, running, and cycling.

2. “Create your playlist so your song selection gets more motivating as you workout,” Olajide says. “Adriana loves new electronica for her workouts. For Doutzen, her husband is a DJ, so he works with incredible electronic and house music, which is extremely motivating. It has a great pace, so you can really move to it. Some of the girls also like hip hop, such as Jay Z or Rick Ross.” The cardinal rule of music selection? “The last song should be the most impactful.”

3. Opposites attract when it comes to your workout. “If you are a high energy individual, learn to be still. Take a yoga class,” Olajide suggests. “Do something that’s counterintuitive to your personality. If you’re dedicated to yoga, try a strength or speed program.”

4. “Work out at least 6 days of the week,” he insists. “It doesn’t matter the intensity or the length of time. Just make it a daily habit.”

5. “Do mostly cardio. Healthy blood flow is the cure to what ails most of us,” Olajide says. This is arguably the most important tip of them all. Good cardio is the cornerstone of a healthy body!

6. “Do a workout with a learning curve, or something that requires developing a skill,” Olajide says. “Think boxing, ballet, or kick-boxing. Doutzen loves ballet and Adriana does everything from bootcamp classes to boxing.” If you’re a member of a sports team, you’re already working on this item, so good for you! If you’re not, pick up a tennis or a swim lesson, or hop into a dance class.

7. “Hire a personal trainer once in a while to boost your abilities and teach you new things,” says Olajide For some people, planning a workout can be the bigger challenge than the actual workout itself. Fitness experts call that “gym-timidation.” Personal training is a solid first step to conquering your fear and kickstarting a routine that works for you. A trainer will cater to your needs, abilities, and desired results. All you have to do is show up! If you already belong to a gym, ask one of the staff members to tell you more about the training packages they offer. If your gym doesn’t offer training services or if you don’t have a gym membership, look into personal training gyms in your area. Just remember Michael’s advice: It doesn’t have to be a year-long commitment. Save up for one month of training, then try a month on your own. Revisit your trainer when you (and your bank account) feel it’s necessary.

8. Make a date of it! “Train with a friend. Whether he or she is faster or stronger than you or not, you will learn from teaching as well as being taught,” Olajide says. They say misery loves company, you know…

9. “Take one day out of the month where you don’t eat or drink anything processed or manufactured,” Olajide says. That’s right—we’re putting away our Kit-Kats. Eliminating processed foods starts will aids your internal organs all the way to the most external (not to mention the largest organ of them all, your skin!). Pay attention to how your body feels the morning after eliminating processed flour, chips, and other bad-for-you ingredients. You just might be surprised.

10. “Master the jump rope,” Olajide insists. “It’s the most convenient, efficient, and effective workout ever!”

Such interesting tips!! I’m definitely going to write some down to keep fit and healthy!

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