Throwback Thursday: My First Cover Shoot

Throwing it back to this…



I am so excited to share the images from my very first cover shoot with you guys!

It is with ShuString Magazine and I had an amazing time on-set. We did it on a gorgeous day in Malibu.

In the issue, I talk about starting modeling, being the daughter of a known reality personality, what it’s like to be on a reality show, and more!

Between this and signing for Wilhelmina Models, I have to pinch myself because it’s crazy that all my modeling dreams are starting to come true!

I’ve worked really hard and it’s so rewarding to have it all starting to come together.

I am looking forward to the future and I am super excited to start on my swimsuit line!

There are big things happening and I can’t wait to start sharing them with you guys!

And here is the interview! To see the whole thing, go to Shustring 🙂

When did you begin modeling? How was that experience?

I began modeling two years ago and it has become a huge passion of mine. Being in front of the camera is a huge adrenaline rush and the experience has been wonderful.

What is it like being the daughter of a reality TV personality?

Being the daughter of a reality TV personality is fun & never a dull moment. But then again, I’ve never been anyone else’s daughter to know what that’s like.

Has it affected your career/lifestyle in any way?

Because of my mothers career, it has lead me into what I am doing in life right now including becoming a reality TV personality myself, entrepreneur and model. And for that, I am forever grateful and thankful. She has been my guide.

What is it like starring on a reality show?

Since starring in a reality show, I have learned so much about TV & production. In the past I said I would never do reality TV, but because I’m doing reality TV with my family & friends it has been nonetheless active, interesting & enjoyable.

Is it weird having cameras following you around all the time?

I’ve learned to always be myself on and off camera, so it has made it easier to have cameras following me. No weirdness at all.

What is your long term goal?

My long term goal is to start my own business that my grandchildren can see and benefit from. I also want to be extremely happy, married
and have a huge family.

Do you have any advice for any fans that are aspiring models?

My advice for fans who are aspiring models would be to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. People will try to give you their opinions, ridicule you and bring you down. Always stay true to yourself and do what ultimately makes you happy. Lastly, when you walk into a room exude confidence and OWN it.

Is there anything strange or abnormal about you that most people would be surprised to find out?

People would be surprised to find out that I collect Buddhas and I’m obsessed with country music (I even workout to it sometimes). lol

Describe yourself in one word.

One word to describe myself: UNPREDICTABLE






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