The Tips You Need To Know To Get The Ultimate Beach Body, Part 4


It’s almost the weekend!! Hopefully you’ve been reading all my tips on how to get your best body and are starting some good fitness and diet habits… Remember it’s never too late to start!

Thanks for the tips ????

  1. Have The Proper Form – Don’t do your exercises without making sure you have the proper form. If you can’t do one pushup in the right form, it doesn’t count if you can do 20 a minute. This is also especially important because depending on the activity, you can actually injure yourself without the right form. Make sure that before you challenge yourself with weights of speed, you have the form down pat. Quality over quantity always!
  2. Change It Up Every 2 Weeks – Change your workout routine every 14 days. This can help you not get bored as well as not let your muscles get used to the same routine. Studies have shown that people who change up their workouts every week were more likely to stick to their plans.
  3. Use the 2:1 Ratio – When you do high-intensity interval training (and this is something you should definitely do if you’re on your workout grind!), do a 2:1 work-to-rest ratio. That means if you do one minute of sprinting, you should be doing 30 seconds fof recovery. This maximizes your results. However, remember to always trust your body. Those who set their own pace for running and recovery just based on how their body felt are also able to maximize their results.
  4. Get Your Best Butt Here’s how to get your best butt: 100 kettlebell swings nonstop with a moderate weight at the end of a legs workout. Use deadlifts and hip-thrusters if you don’t have a kettlebell. This really engages the glutes and posterior muscles – a lot of us overemphasize the quadriceps.
  5. Eat MORE. You may not be losing weight because you’re not eating enough. Experts say the best thing to do is eat five times a day with smaller meals, about every three hours to stimulate your metabolism.
  6. Challenge Yourself – Make a challenge for yourself every time you exercise. Add a little bit more weight, rest 5-10 seconds less between sets, add more reps/sets. Remember, change is good in all ways when it comes to exercise.
  7. Step Off The Scale – Don’t use the scale! My mom taught me never to use the scale because then you start obsessing over a number that may not really mean anything. Instead, put on a pair of well-fitting pants and see how you feel in them.
  8. Put on More Weight – Speaking of challenges, don’t be afraid to lift heavy. I feel like girls are really scared to put up the heavy barbells because you don’t want to look too buff, but it doesn’t really work like that! I definitely lift heavy when I’m in the gym – people who get really buff are on another kind of diet and training regime. If you just add 2 or 3 compound barbell lifts (squad, deadlift, press, etc.) and increase the weight used by just 2-5 pounds a week – and then perform 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps, you’ll boost strength and get that “best body” kind of look.
  9. Reduce with Produce – Introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet and ease back on the meat, or go full vegetarian! I personally eat mostly fruits, vegetables, and fish. Studies looking at over 70,000 people have shown that the vegetarians in the group tended to be slimmer than the meat-eaters even though both groups ate about the same number of calories daily. Researchers think it could be because meat-eaters eat more fatty acids and less weight-loss-promoting nutrients (like fiber) than the vegetable eaters do.
  10. Give Fat a Chance – Apparently, eating foods labeled “low-fat,” “non-fat,” or “fat-free” may encourage you to eat up to 50% more calories, according to studies. Apparently buying the full-fat version is not that big of a deal because usually the “low-fat” version is only 15% less calories than the full-fat ones. So if you go for the full-fat version, you will most likely be more mindful of how much you’re eating.

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