The 50 Top Health & Fitness Tips You Need To Know, Part 1


I want to try something different this week and share 10 fitness/health tips to score your best body each day. There are so many different, small things we can do to make ourselves fitter, healthier, and happier, and at the same time, there are so many little things we may be doing that is hurting us, so I wanted to put together a big list! Even though I live a really healthy lifestyle, sometimes I forget these tips/advice too.

So let’s begin with the first 10. Check back on my blog every day this week for more!

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        1. Small Steps Count – Set a lot of short-term goals. Of course you should always have a long-term goal, but setting short-term goals and accomplishing them can really motivate and drive you to do more. Set a goal to drink more water, to work out for 15 more minutes, to take a long walk after dinner… anything positive like this will help you reach that long-term goal.
        2. …But Take A Lot of Them! – Speaking of setting small goals, don’t be afraid to set multiple ones at once (again only if they are reasonable and attainable). Researchers found that if you work on your diet and fitness at once, it makes your changes of achieving both more likely. This also makes sense because if you eat right, you’ll have more energy to work out. And anyways, you wouldn’t want to undo all your hard work with constant junk-food binging!
        3. Work It from Every Angle Move your body in every angle and direction – up and down, forward and backward, and laterally – when you’re working out. Do jumping jacks, side shuffles, lunges, etc.
        4. Eat Appropriate Serving Sizes – When you’re eating dinner, grab a standard size plate and if your food all fits (without individual items overlapping each other) then your portion sizes are good!
        5. Never Starve Yourself – That doesn’t mean you should be living on juice or anything though. Don’t drastically restrict your calories! A study found that women placed on a 1,200 calorie diet for three weeks had high levels of the primary stress hormone, cortisol. And stress can actually increase your risk of weight gain as well as coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and impaired immune functioning.
        6. Spice It Up – Sweet chili peppers are really good for burning fat, especially in the winter! They have these chemicals called capsinoids, which are similar to capsaicin found in hot peppers. But they’re not as spicy, for those of you who can’t handle spicy foods! If you combine capsinoids with 63-degree or colder weather, you increase the amount and activity of brown fat cells which burn energy and give your metabolism that extra boost.
        7. Minty Goodness – Peppermint is also another good thing to consume! You can put it in your pre-workout snack or drink. In a study, men drank 2 cups of water with one drop of peppermint oil mixed in and then ran on a treadmill and they found that the mint helped relax muscles, boost oxygen to muscles and the brain, as well as increase pain threshold.
        8. Try Foam Rolling Before Your Workout – Foam rolling is not something I do regularly, but I might have to start because apparently it benefits your entire body. It’s a good thing to do before a workout, similar to stretching. If you roll before your workout then it will help lead to tension- and pain-free muscles.
        9. Meditate. – I know some people don’t see it, but meditation can be hugely positive for your body. My mom for example, just can’t do it lol. But seriously, just five-ten minutes a day like once or twice a day to focus on your breath and relax.
        10. Retail Therapy – I’m wearing Adidas x Stella McCartney in the pic above, and I have to say that every time I buy sports gear, I get super excited to go to the gym to use them. I think most people would agree that retail therapy really works when it comes to gym stuff. Once you spend that money on the cute gear, you’re gonna be motivated to use them! Treat yourself!!

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