The 3 Cardinal Rules To Wearing Colored Eyeliner


I’m definitely a simple girl when it comes to my makeup. I always just stick with what works, like a classic winged, black eyeliner. I also like it when my makeup isn’t too overpowering. I’ll definitely experiment every once in a while especially for a red carpet or something like that, but for the most part I love the fresh-faced natural look.

BUT my amazing makeup artist @tuddynana loves shaking things up and I have to say, I loved loved loved this eye makeup she did on me. She used this teal/turquoise eyeliner instead of the usual black or brown and then white on the inside corners of my eyes. It felt perfect for summer and I thought it was just the right amount of pop!

Loved it so much that for the next time I wanted to try (definitely going to have to before summer ends) colored eyeliner, I wanted to look up some rules so I don’t look 12 lol!

Here are the basic ground rules:

  1. Don’t pick just ANY color. You can’t just go for your favorite color, you have to pick a color what will complement your eye color. The rule is opposites attract! Brown eyes look best with richer, more saturated colors like purples, olive greens, pink, turquoise, blue, and gold. Blue eyes are beautiful with bronzes, coppers, orange or a very dark blue. If you have green eyes, go for purples (best if a deeper color), gold, or a dark turquoise. Hazel eyes look really good with green or purple and a deep rose color can work well for them too.
  2. Less is more. If you’re going to go for colored eyeliner, you have to keep the rest of your look minimal. Don’t fight it with over-the-top eyeshadow, super bright lips or crazy hair. Go for natural makeup and simple hair.
  3. Choose an outfit that will pop against your eyeliner. I paired my teal/aqua liner with a neutral color for my clothes, grey. I think neutrals like black, grey, white, those will always work with any colored eyeliner. But don’t be afraid of pairing a stand-out color with stand-out clothes either, just make sure it looks good together. I’ve seen someone pull off a little yellow eyeliner with a blue outfit and it was PERFECT. But that’s all up to you and what you’re confident in.

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