Food Friday: Best Foods To Combat Stress

We all know about this thing called “stress eating.” You know, when something goes wrong and you turn to food for comfort, reaching for those sweets and heavy carbs. It’s a quick fix but then you’re left with regret! What everyone really needs to do is to know which foods actually have an anti-stress effect

Welcome to my blog!

I am so ridiculously excited to finally be able to welcome you to my official website! This baby has been months in the making — hours were spent on every last detail making sure it was the perfect outlet for me to share my life with all of you. I must admit, this is my

Food Friday: Kale Chips

Most people love those oily and salty chips as snacks — I used to be one of them. They are addicting! But I have really made a lot of lifestyle changes to get my body to where it is now in order to pursue my modeling career and dreams. If I just sat around eating