Workout Wednesday: Calf-Strengthening Exercises

I wore this outfit in episode 1 of Livin’ Lozada. I worked hard for those calves and I wanted to share with you guys the four best exercises to strengthen your calves, according to WebMD. 1. Double-Leg Calf Raise. How to do it: Stand near a wall for balance. Place your feet hip-width apart, and

The Top Tips To Get Your Best Body, Part 3

Hope you guys have been enjoying/learning from my tips on lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition in order to get your best body and health! Here is the 3rd part to my series. Thanks for the helpful tips! Be Picky About Dinner Dates – If you’re trying to be healthy and your best friend doesn’t care and

Workout Wednesday: How To Get Abs

No holiday breaks!! It’s easy to fall off the exercise wagon during the holiday, so I wanted to send some fitspo to you guys this Wednesday! Today I wanted to share how to get abs. First, I have to say that getting abs is not just about doing exercises for the abs. Yes, there are exercises