Beyonce’s Must-Know Secrets To Being Fit and Fierce


Beyonce is almost 35 and still killin’ it. I’m a proud member of the Bey Hive for sure and I’ll rock Ivy Park all day!! I’ve looked up her secrets to staying fit and fierce and totally keep them in mind so I want to share them with you guys too!

  • She always keeps it real: “I can’t eat what I want, and I can’t not go to the gym.” Yes!! I think people need to remember there is no quick fix to being fit. You have to sacrifice things and you have to work hard and make good decisions. “The truth is it’s a lot of sacrifice. It’s more about your mental strength than physical strength. You have to push yourself. It doesn’t matter what trainer you have. And it doesn’t matter what program you’re on. You have to be healthy and make the right choices,” she said.
  • She went vegan for a while: At the end of 2013, Beyoncé and Jay Z went on a 22-day vegan challenge. She’s back to eating meat now but she obviously still keeps a lot of plants in her diet.
  • Her trainer uses Power Moves: Her trainer Marco Borges uses exercises that work several muscle groups at once. She also does interval training, alternating between sprinting and running while on the treadmill.
  • She dances: “For me, dancing is what keeps me active,” she told Shape.
  • She makes use of all her time: If she has a few minutes, Bey fits in squats, lunges, planks, no matter where she is.
  • She uses music to motivate herself: “I’ll put on a song that I really like and do [biceps curls with] five-pound weights [for] the whole song and just try to burn out,” she said.
  • She keeps a healthy body image: “Everyone is not supposed to be the same,” she said. “Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you.” Yes!!

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