5 Skin Care Mistakes You May Be Making


Skin care is something I think we can forget about in our busy day-to-day but it’s so important, both in just our daily appearance and in our aging process. My mom has always taught me how important taking care of your skin in. I definitely think it’s a bit of time and effort that’s worth investing in. For our health and self-confidence, make sure you’re not making these skin care mistakes!

I actually have so many that I will be breaking this down into 2 parts. Here is the first part!

  1. Not paying attention to your skin type – Don’t use products made for dry, sensitive skin if you have oily skin, or vice versa! Also don’t share your skincare products with a roomie just because it’s easier. The best thing would be getting a consultation to really see what kind of skin you have so you can buy the right products for it and treat it correctly.
  2. Not thinking about eye cream – You don’t think about wrinkles, especially when you’re young but my mom has always warned me about them and seeing how she takes care of her skin is a great inspiration for me! The delicate, thin skin around your eyes is the most susceptible to aging so start putting on that cream at a young age!
  3. Only wearing SPF in the summer – I know it may seem weird to put on SPF when it’s the middle of the winter and a cloudy day but it’s important not only to keep your skin from getting discolored and wrinkly over time, but it’s to fight off skin cancer as well! Try finding makeup products that have SPF included in them!
  4. Sleeping with your hair out at night Yes, if you don’t tie back/clip up your long hair and bangs, it can get on your face during the night and the oils/any dirt in your hair may lead to breakouts on your skin.
  5. Not washing your face before bed – Another bedtime routine you HAVE HAVE HAVE to get into. No excuses for this one. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired or drunk or both lol. Keep some makeup removing wipes by your bedside if you have to!
  6. Using dirty makeup brushes – This can be a really common mistake but thankfully, it’s a super easy fix. All you need to do is invest in a brush cleaner and at least once a week, give your brush collection a five-minute bath. This is especially important for makeup sponges and your foundation brushes.

Hope none of you guys are making these mistakes but if you are, they’re all an easy fix!

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