29 Women Share The Life-Changing Beauty Tips They Got From Mom

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Obviously my mom and I are partners in crime and best friends and she has taught me so much, everything from relationships to career to fashion to beauty. Everything!

That’s why I loved seeing this list of women sharing what the best beauty tip their moms gave them was. My mom has actually taught me a lot of this, I’m lucky! So I wanted to share some of these with you guys and ask what’s the best beauty advice your mom has given you?

This comes from a Buzzfeed article with the same name.

1. “My mum definitely taught me about the versatility of products. She told me how I could use a bit of blush mixed with Vaseline to make a lip gloss, or how Clarins beauty flash balm is just as good at hiding under eye bags as it is mixed in with foundation as a dewy tinted moisturizer. She’s definitely saved me money along the way.”

2. “Never apply mascara to the bottom lashes. It makes you look too made up.”

3. “ALWAYS wash your face at night. No matter what.”

4. “But don’t use bar soap, it dries out your skin.”

5. “Red lipstick can be used as a weapon. Use it judiciously.”

6. “After you apply lipstick, put powder foundation over it and it won’t come off all night. Works like charm!”

7. “Don’t over do it with the blusher or you’ll look like a pink flamingo.”

8. “Never go to bed with makeup on. That’s how you get acne. Keep baby wipes by your bed so you have no excuse!”

9. “Apply moisturizer in upward and circular motions. It helps to prevent wrinkles.”

10. “Never leave the house with chipped nail polish.”

11. “Less is more. And sometimes, all you need is a little red lipstick to go out and kick ass.”

12. “Vaseline makes a great (and cheap) daily moisturizer.”

13. “Splash cold water on your face twice a day to keep your pores tight.”

14. “To get a no-makeup makeup look, only wear mascara on your top lashes.”

15. “Use clear mascara to set your eyebrows and tame fly-aways!”

16. “Baby oil is a fabulous makeup remover.”

17. “Preparation H helps to get rid of puffy under-eye bags and tightens lines around the eyes.”

18. “Mascara is a girl’s best friend.”

19. “ALWAYS get a professional to arch your eyebrows.”

20. “Remember to use an SPF cream before you apply your makeup.”

21. “Follow the steps: cleanse, tone and moisturize. And keep your toner in the fridge to make it last longer.”

I thought these were really useful so I hope it helps you guys out too!

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